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Strait Acres Round-Up (Two Day MTB Skills Camp)

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Join us for a Two Day MTB skills camp with Kyle and Rachel Strait focusing in the fundamentals of mountain biking. Fundamental skills are the core techniques and abilities that every mountain biker, whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, should master.

Each day is broken down with skills that are directly related to success on the trail. We will be going over body positioning, braking, cornering, climbing and descending, obstacle handling, balance and bike handling, front wheel and rear wheel lifts, pedal efficiency, drops and jumps. You will leave feeling more confident and ready to tackle the trails. 

The Strait Acres Round Up will also offer tips to manage fear and how overcome mental obstacles. Taught from first hand experiences! 

This skills camp is recommended for beginner to intermediate riders. It is a progression based camp, building from day 1 to day 2. 

We will kick things off Friday afternoon with a fireside meet and greet at Strait Acres. Taco cart and beverages will be provided. 

As the day gets closer a detailed schedule will be provided. 

Time: Friday 5pm 

          Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm